A Quick Start Guide for New Contributors
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The Aims of the Tatoeba Project

The 2 Ways You Can Be the Most Helpful

  1. You can translate from a foreign language you know into your own native language or strongest language.
  2. You can create natural-sounding sentences in your own native language for others to translate into their native languages.

The 6 Basic Rules

You can click the links to read [Translations] or read the [Source] documentation.
  1. We want complete sentences.
  2. Don't change sentences that are correct.
  3. Don't add sentences from copyrighted sources.
  4. We want natural-sounding translations, not word-for-word direct translations.
  5. Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.
  6. Don't add annotations.
    • [Translations]     [Source]
      In other words, don't do this kind of thing.
      X It's raining cats and dogs. (idiom)
      X I like her/him.
For more details, ...

Things a Contributor Can Do

  1. You can translate a sentence by clicking on this icon whenever you see it.
    • Please do not forget capital letters and punctuation.
  2. You can add alternate translations. ()
    • If you feel there are several possible translations, you can add them all.
    • Just make sure you are adding the translations to the other language. (In other words, don't add an English translation to an English sentence.)
  3. You can proofread sentences and "adopt" () sentences that you think are good.
  4. You can correct mistakes that you find, if the sentence is not "owned" by another user.
  5. You can add comments to sentences.
    • If you find a mistake, but it's "owned" by another user, then leave a comment telling the "owner" how it can be corrected.
    • If you see something that seems strange or you don't understand, you can leave a comment and someone may explain it to you.
    • If you find things that are absolute nonsense or are not sentences, you can leave a comment alerting moderators that perhaps the item should be deleted.
  6. You can add new sentences.
    • The best approach is to search first to make sure the sentence is not already in the database.
      • Search with the sentence in quotes to find exact matches.
        • LIKE THIS: "I have a dog."
        • NOT:  I have a dog.
For more information, read the FAQ.

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